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School superintendent blog more proof blogs will be everywhere

December 6, 2005

Stephen Baker over at BusinessWeek shares that a school superintendent’s blog in Florida is a big success.

Clayton Wilcox, superintendent of Piniellas County Schools, uses the blog to get the word out–and to get feedback. On one post, I see, he got 600 comments. He swears he reads them all, but adds:

Please know that I am reading all of the posts and emails that you are sending me … thanks … I think … and to those of you who are posting and then emailing me with the post … you can stop … really … Clayton

Stephen adds:

Thanks to Julie, in comments, for pointing to a . I wish our superintendent in Montclair, NJ, had a blog like this. Also, it’s worth noting that the St. Petersburg Times hosts the blog. One more way for newspapers to extend their franchise and relevance online, and to serve their communities. They offer other high school blogs. One is by a 17-year-old preparing to head off to college.

What does this have to do with law and professional services business blogs?

Everything. People will get accustomed to seeing blogs all over and the creative ways they are being used. Those firms using blogs for showcasing their intellectual capital and networking with their target audience will be light years ahead of their competitors.

Don’t believe me? Didn’t see many law firm Web sites 7 years ago.

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