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Blogging Goals : 10% increase in unique visitors a month

December 3, 2005

Jason Calacanis shared that the goal for bloggers at Weblogs Inc is 20% growth per month for blogs with less than 1 million pages a month or 10% growth if you have more than 1 million pages per month.

Though exposure, enhanced reputation and new clients are the true goals of a law firm’s blog, I suggest monitoring the monthly increase in your unique visitors. I like to see the unique visitors on my blog increase 10% a month and suggest the same for you. Publish a blog the correct way and this should be easily attainable.

And don’t get freaked out if there are months when you miss the goal. There are summer months and holidays which will bring less visitors as well as times when you will not be posting as often.

Source for post: ProBlogger

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