Jason Calcanis on AOL : Customer base & blogs

Jason Calcanis, one of the founders of Weblogs, Inc., now acquired by AOL, describes his experiences at AOL.

From what I can see, and I’ve only been here a month, we’ve got some work to do at AOL in terms of talking with our customer base. …I’m pushing everyone here as hard as I can to start blogs and start talking with our customers.

Jason is a bright talented guy when it comes to blogs, RSS and citizen journalism. He also strikes me as a bit of a maverick – that being in a positive sense as far as being innovative and getting things done. It will be interesting to see if Jason can accomplish what he wants to inside AOL or if he drives them mad or himself mad by in trying.

When my last company was acquired by LexisNexis, I went in with bold intentions. Though my job was to be an evangelist for lawyer Internet marketing, internally and externally, it was akin to pushing a rope trying to get things done. I guess, to LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell’s credit, they had their own plans in place and were not going to be kicked around by some kook.

My source for post: Susan Mernit’s Blog

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