Solo lawyer practitioners profit from blogs if done the right way

Carolyn Elefant wonders if she has been too conservative as to blogs generating work for solo lawyer practictioners.

When it comes to blogs, the question on almost every solo or small firm lawyer’s lips is ‘Will a blog get me business?’  Once my answer to that question was a qualified ‘possibly,’ – I felt that that blogs wouldn’t necessarily generate clients directly, but nonetheless, could help diversity a solo’s overall marketing portfolio.  Now, I’m wondering whether perhaps I was too conservative.  Because as Kevin O’Keefe of LexBlog reports, solos are getting clients from their blogs  – and the example he’s used is my blogging colleague, Kansas Family Law Attorney (and Home Office Lawyer), Grant Griffiths.

Best yet Carolyn, a recognized expert on small law firm marketing and management, shares what makes a solo lawyer’s blog work.

So I decided to try to figure out the reasons for Grant’s success.  I visited his blog and it’s a great example of a practice-focused blog, a mix of helpful information for clients and links to current events and news stories.  Then, I put myself in the shoes of a prospective client using the Internet to find a divorce lawyer in Kansas and ran a couple of searches like this and this and this.  No surprise that Grant’s firm comes in top five under any of these combinations. 

And Carolyn identifies lawyer blogs that do not work as well.

For example, I applied the same test to Andrew Ewalt’s Law Blog which is a test case for the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine and law marketing guru Larry Bodine. Ewalt’s blog isn’t bad; he offers lots of good client tips – and it probably helps him reel in clients who have already located him.  But because Ewalt doesn’t post or link as much as Grant – or have his practice specialty in his blog title, it’s hard to find his blog running searches.  In fact, the only search (besides a name search) that generated any links to Ewalt was this one – and that located his Findlaw listing, not his firm website or his blog.  (question for Larry or anyone else familiar with the study – what results is it generating so far?)

Carolyn nails why lawyer blogs work so well.

These days, more and more people are using the Internet to find legal services.  Moreover, Google has become so pervasive, that potential clients are using it to run searches, rather than relying on portal sites like   So a properly targeted and expertly executed blog will get you at the top of the search engine for your specialty – and will enable you to make a top notch impression the first time a prospective client visits.  And if that’s the case, then yes, maybe blogs can serve as a static and measurable source of business just like the Yellow Pages or a newspaper ad.

If you aren’t a subscriber to RSS feeds of Carolyn’s MyShingle blog, it’s your loss. I have been a follower of Carolyn’s insight and wisdom for years. Also had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn at BlawgThink a couple weeks ago. She’s a wonderful person.

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