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Martindale-Hubbell online directory changes slow in coming

November 26, 2005

Martindale-Hubbell, an online directory of law firms now offering Internet marketing products to law firms, has had posted at its web site for at least 10 days that “Exciting changes are just around the corner at”

I thought the days of building websites with announcements of what’s to come went out in the late 90’s. Posting such notices means that Martindale-Hubbell is behind the times when it comes to Internet marketing on at least this point, if not more, or that Martindale-Hubbell thinks law firms know so little about Internet marketing that they’ll be impressed by this ‘coming soon’ approach.

People have accused me of being anti Martindale-Hubbell but I have a lot of respect for the company. With its 90% plus market share combined with its financial resources, Martindale-Hubbell ought to be a leader in Internet marketing for law firms. Unfortunately, at this point, Martindale-Hubbell is not.

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