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Search engine optimization – SEO – tips

November 24, 2005

Law Firm IT blog turns us onto Search Engine Optimization SEO – Tips from Publisher Aid. Good stuff.

SEO tips covered

  • Page titles in the title tags
  • URL addresses
  • Swapping links
  • Building Google PageRank
  • Site architecture
  • Keywords and key phrases

The Law Firm IT blog is becoming an excellent resource for, among others, lawyers looking to learn about law firm management issues from, I believe, a practicing lawyer.

But if this blog is being used to enhance the lawyer’s reputation, it’s breaking all the rules.

  • Looks poor
  • Cannot easily find who is publishing the blog
  • Content is not archived or indexed by category – how do I easily find the good stuff previously written about?
  • On Blogger, so in addition to other problems this morning next blog link takes me to a punk rock site – okay if that’s your target audience

Maybe I’m too tough on some lawyer blogs. But man, we’re lawyers. We should be doing what we can to enhance the reputation of our legal profession. When it comes to lawyer blogs, I think it means putting ease of use and looking sharp at the top of the list.

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