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Search engines love blogs

Henry Abbott at Gekko Blogs, a new blog marketing agency, asks Why is it Search Engines Love Blogs?

  • They love constantly updated niche content.
  • They love inbound links.
  • They love pages with names related to the subject matter (something that blog software does automatically).

And Henry shares specific proof of blogs and search engine results.

  • The top 20 search engine listings for the BusinessWeek 100 brands in July 2005, 39% of the top search listings were derived from consumer-generated media such as blogs.(SearchEngineWatch)
  • Henry’s TrueHoop blog, a leading NBA blog, is starting to enjoy a lot of traffic from Google without any specific effort with the web statistics show people are arriving after searching for all kinds of different things.

Added Henry’s RSS feed tonight. Suggest you do the same to stay up to speed on the world of blog marketing. Heck, I like the guy not only because he’s a LexBlog client but also because he is passionate as all get out about marketing via blogs.

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