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Screencasting : A good intro

November 19, 2005

Nice to see Alex Barnett wants to do more screencasts. I was going to ask you Alex if I could come over the waters to Redmond to have you show me how to do a screencast.

LexBlog wants to have a number of screencasts to teach its customers key aspects of blogging and the use of RSS.

Apparently Alex was turned onto screencasting by Jon Udell who recently posted ‘What is Screencasting.’ The brief definition from Jon: “A screencast is a digital movie in which the setting is partly or wholly a computer screen, and in which audio narration describes the on-screen action.”

Law firms and other professional services businesses could make good use of screencasts. Depending on your service or product, screencasts could be an excellent way to teach clients and prospective clients about the use of your service/product.

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