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2006 will be a tagtastic year

Saying 2006 will be a tagtastic year Alex Barnett says tagging will be big next near.

This kind of tagging (referred to sometimes as social tagging) may be little niche feature today – very few sites today have tagging capability, certainly not the mainstreamers…….

As more and more sites and services add tagging we’ll start seeing some very interesting (if not amazing) services that ride on top of these.

I agree. Tagging, (, is a collection of favorites – yours and everyone else’s. In the case of blogs, bloggers can tag a post by a certain topic so that others looking at tags can see what’s been posted on the topic. Even better for those looking to follow all tagged content by keyword or key phrase can have the tagged posts fed to them by RSS.

Tags are big stuff for those lawyers and professional services businesses looking to establish themselves as thought leaders and authorities. If I am following a topic by tags, I am going to find you as an expert. Good stuff.

LexBlog is looking at tags as an added feature in a couple respects for its customers for the year 2006.

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