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Law firms lacking in innovative marketing

November 18, 2005

It is not easy to convince a group of millionaires within clear sight of retirement that their business model is wrong and that they should change direction and embrace new technologies.” This written by Richard Susskind, a leading legal technology thinker and consultant, in the Financial Times Online: Backroom boys lead ‘positive disruption.’ (free reg. req’ed)

Perhaps not their business model, but the same applies to the marketing of a law firm through the effective use of technology. The use of blogs and RSS technology is a no brainer for law firms looking to widely disseminate content so as to showcase the intellectual capital of the firm’s lawyers. But legal marketing professionals, who love blogs as a marketing tool, always ask “How do we sell blogs to the law firm administration?” These guys are already thinking how professional marketing blogs are going to be kaboshed by the good old boys.

Good thing for LexBlog it’s the fast that eat the slow and not the big that eat the small. Innovative law firms, whether young or old, are going to pass the dinosaurs. I guess that’s okay for those lawyers who will be retired in a few years. I feel bad for the younger lawyers and other professionals in firms being led by these near retirees.

Source of post: Ron Friedmann’s Strategic Legal Technology via Stark Law Library Blawg

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