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Kansas divorce lawyer blog a marketing success

Kansas divorce lawyer Grant Griffiths is winning big time with his Kansas Family and Divorce Lawyer Blog.

Grant, though not a LexBlog client, has become a good friend the last year. I helped guide him a bit and have enjoyed our give and take.

Grant has landed 10 new divorce clients in the last 6 weeks solely because of his blog. In addition he helped a young lawyer, who lost her job as an assistant DA when the DA lost his seat in an election, do a criminal defense law blog. Grant listed himself on the blog with the other lawyer. 30 days into that blog Grant has picked up 3 solid criminal cases.

Commenting to an email to the ABA SoloSez newsletter, here’s a portion of what Grant had to say about blogs.

Blogging works!!! …I decided to do a blog instead of other marketing efforts. Involved in my decision was the research I did on the effectiveness of blogging as a marketing tool.

Lets not forget things change and move forward. It was not long ago that a static website was a “far out there” concept. Blogging enables marketing efforts that one can do individually or in a group. For example, individuals or firms in the same practice area, can blog in their respective states and link to and off one another. This in and of itself increases “market share” for those blogging firms and solos. Blogs are becoming a huge source of information that is not static and expands every second of every day.

Am I excited by blogging? You bet I am.

Heck, we ought to get this guy selling for LexBlog.