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Martindale-Hubbell online directory changes coming

I heard from one of Martindale-Hubbell’s premier account sales representatives that changes to its online lawyer directory are coming in the next few days. Sure enough, here’s what’s posted on the Martindale-Hubbell site.

Exciting changes are just around the corner at, including the addition of lawyer photos, a side by side comparison tool and new search functionality. Be sure to come back and visit soon to experience the benefits of these enhancements.

I was speaking to the Legal Marketing Association – Seattle Chapter this afternoon when I learned of the change. I had brought up the point that I believed Martindale-Hubbell did not allow their directory to be indexed by Google and the other search engines. The result was that well crafted lawyer bio’s were unable to be retrieved in search engine results. I suggested that law firms who were paying Martindale-Hubbell for listing their lawyer bio’s and firm information ask Martindale-Hubbell why they were preventing Google and the other search engines from indexing their content.

Martindale-Hubbell’s representative mentioned the changes coming and that perhaps with the change indexing of lawyer bio’s and firm information on the search engines would be possible. Such a step by Martindale-Hubbell may be bad for LexBlog and other companies that help lawyers and law firms get seen on the search engines but it would speak highly of Martindale-Hubbell in helping its law firm customers.

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