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List of lawsuits versus bloggers

Eric P. Robinson, a staff attorney for Media Law and Resource Center (MLRC), has compiled a list of libel and related lawsuits versus bloggers. The listing includes the outcome or status of each lawsuit.

Fortunately the list is pretty short. In addition, there are a few situations that would have resulted in liability if the same content was expressed in another medium such as a letter or conversation.

One way not to worry about getting sued is to make certain your general business liability insurance policy has coverage for advertising. It’s the advertising coverage, whether what you would be doing would be called advertising or not, that covers defamation claims. A lot of these lawsuits are going no where but legal fees in defending a suit can be significant. Insurance coverage will pay for the costs of defense.

If advertising is excluded coverage in your policy, you may have to pay for a rider to get the coverage you need.

I am not loosing any sleep over getting sued and neither are LexBlog’s law firm clients. Just be smart out there and you’ll be fine.

Source of post: Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzzMachine

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