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Intellectual property – IP – lawyer blogs lead to lawyer joining leading IP firm

November 15, 2005

Matt Buchanan, publisher of Promote the Progress blog and a contributing author to RethinkIP, has joined the Oklahoma City law firm of Dunlap, Codding & Rodgers, the firm of leading IP lawyer Doug Sorocco. Doug publishes what may be the leading IP lawyer blog, PHOSITA, and also is a contributing author on RethinkIP.

No question in my mind that we are going to see the hooking up of leading lawyers who see how talented each other may be via their respective lawyer blogs. Lawyers subscribe to each others blogs. They comment on each other’s posts, both via their own blog and posting comments on the other’s blog. You can learn a lot about a person from their blog. A lawyer’s skill, passion and care shines through in their blog writing.

Congrats to Doug and Matt. I have a hard time seeing Steve Nipper, also a contributing author on RethinkIP, moving from Boise to Oklahoma City. But you never know – he could could go of counsel and practice virtually.

Source of post: Dennis Kennedy at Between Lawyers