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Why write a blog?

November 13, 2005

Seems obvious to me as a way to enhance a professional’s reputation but Rich Ord, CEO of iEntry, Inc., has a nice post at Webpronews asking Why Write a Blog? And it’s not just because CEO’s, entrepreneurs and other business professionals are publishing blogs.

It is commonly thought that business blogs are about building authority for the blog writer. For instance, over the last couple of years Steve Rubel – a marketing strategist for the PR firm CooperKatz & Company has become Steve Rubel, PR guru and blogger. Steve has parlayed his new status into significant notoriety.

Well, if notoriety is your motivation I think your blog is doomed. Starting a business blog should be about the reader, not the writer. It should be about providing readers with information and ideas that are useful and unique. I think Steve has done this well.

Business blogs are really not much different than other business publications. Provide the reader with timely information and unique perspective which comes from your personal and business experiences and you will be offering your readers something worth reading.

Nice post Rich.

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