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Lawyers find return on investment – ROI – from blogs

Michelle Golden, president of Golden Marketing, Inc., a consulting and marketing company serving professional service firms, reports from BlawgThink the return on investment -ROI- from blogs.

  1. For some lawyers their blogs are responsible for generating up to 30% of their revenues
  2. Recognized as an expert in area, higher level of respect
  3. Prospective clients appreciate ‘insight’ into the lawyer’s brain (all the better to see if there is a ‘fit’)
  4. Personal reward, passion, helping people with information
  5. Keeps us more in tune with our practice interests because we are doing more reading and thinking
  6. Younger generation is a generation that is ‘growing up with blogging’ and they can relate to us because we’ve been doing it too
  7. Chance to write often, but less formally
  8. Lots of media attention, interviews and speaking opportunities on their area of practice

Michelle was one of the delightful and talented people I had the chance to meet at BlawgThink. I hope LexBlog gets the opportunity down the road to work with Michelle’s company on a marketing or communication project.

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