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FeedBurner launches its advertising network

FeedBurner launched its RSS advertising network today offering blog publishers, among others, and their advertisers feed-based advertising. In order to reach targeted audiences, the network is organized into channels ranging from traditional categories like business, technology, current affairs and consumer electronics to entertainment and an Internet-centric category called digital culture.

The Web has evolved into a strategic playground for advertisers. A couple of pretty banner ads won’t cut it anymore,’ said Scott Adams, president of CDG Interactive ‘RSS is becoming a crucial part of the Web-based campaigns we create for our clients, and feeds offer a great way to deliver a very specific message to a highly targeted audience.

Advertising revenue was considered icing on the cake during the dotcom era of the 90’s. This time around I see it being very real. There are way more people going to the Internet. The ads can be very focused so that the price to reach your targeted audience may not be too bad.

I am going to guess Feedburner‘s ad network may be pricey for small timers at this time. The reason being that the channels, though directed to some extent, are pretty broad. Now imagine the day when I am a business lawyer in Atlanta and I can run ads on business content focused on the Atlanta community. The day is coming. RSS is that good.

Rick Klau, a heck of a bright lawyer and nice guy, is VP of Business Development at FeedBurner. I think Rick’s going to do pretty well.

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