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Lawyer Podcasts : In-House Counsel interest?

November 5, 2005

Lawyer podcasts ( sub req’ed) is the subject of a nice article from Eriq Gardner, a staff reporter for Corporate Counsel Magazine. Eric noted conspicuously absent were in-house counsel podcasts but from a marketing perspective I’d rather have those folks listening than broadcasting.

There are podcasts on everything from anarchist politics to legal affairs. Attorney-podcasters are creating programming like ‘The Supreme Court Watch Podcast’ and ‘The Legal Underground.’ In fact, the breadth of legal podcasting’s subject matter seems limitless. In recent weeks lawyer-podcasters have weighed in on everything from lawyers who sleep with their clients (Australia’s ‘The Law Report’) to Minnesota’s solicitor general’s take on corporate responsibility (‘Conversations in Law’). Even famed trial lawyer F. Lee Bailey is podcasting (‘Legal Talk Network’).
What’s in it for listeners? For one thing, convenience. Subscribing to a podcast means being able to listen to commentary anywhere, anytime, on an MP3 player hooked up to a car’s stereo or through headphones. The shows can be played — as well as fast-forwarded and rewound — at any moment.

He’s right on about the convenience part. I subscribe to a few non-legal podcasts and video podcasts that my iTunes player seamlessly picks up via RSS feed when I am online. I open my laptop while on a plane and check out what’s there. Pretty slick and beats out Bewitched re-runs now playing on Delta.

Eric lists some lawyer podcasts he thinks are worth checking out.

Source of post: Bill Gratsch at Blawg