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Lawyer pay for click ads on the rise

Lawyers are playing their part in the soaring profits found in search ads. USA TODAY reports Google’s profit for search ads, the simple text ads that appear next to Internet search results, shot up sevenfold this quarter.

Lawyer pay for click ads are on the rise big time, Dave Lavinsky of told USA TODAY.

For instance a Florida lawyer would reach searchers looking for ‘Florida lawyer’ and pay $15.49 each time the ad was clicked. That phrase cost just $2.02 in July, Lavinsky says. Other big jumps: ‘graphic design Chicago,’ from $1.01 to $7.98; and ‘donate time share,’ from 50 cents to $11 a click.

The most expensive phrase — ‘Chicago personal injury attorney’ — sells for about $50, Lavinsky says. Lawyers are willing to pay to attract clients. A year ago, that keyword combination sold for $30, Lavinsky says.

Wish I had this info readily available when I was interviewed by Law Practice Management about lawyers buying sponsored links. Though there may be some good buys out there for lawyer pay for clicks so long as you are very targeted, I could have let them know of the increasing prices.

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