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Blogs are the new talk radio

October 30, 2005

Ron Bonjean, spokesman for Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert tells ABC news “Blogging is the new talk radio.” That’s a classic analogy for blogs and one I am going to run with.

Law firms and other businesses can learn a lot from the ABC article which says politicians who are co-opting – or at least engaging in blogs.

  • Blogs, though ranking well behind traditional television, radio, and newspaper outlets as a source of news, are gaining ground rapidly. The liberal blog Daily Kos attracted nearly 4.8 million visitors this July, compared with 3.4 million in January, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.
  • The number of people who engage in political discussion or get political news from all online sources, including blogs, is skyrocketing and currently numbers over 75 million Americans,’ write journalists David Kline and Dan Burstein in their new book, ‘Blog! How the Newest Media Revolution Is Changing Politics, Business and Culture.’
  • Some stories are more suited to blogs as opposed to national media.

Though you’re not a politician, blogs provide you with your own talk radio show as well as the ability to be a guest on other radio shows by engaging in the blogosphere discussion. Best part is that these radio shows are for a very targeted audience – yours.

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