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Google responds on Blogger spam blogs

Mark Cuban, backer of Ice Rocket, a blog search engine – aggregator (more on that in next post), reports Google has responded to his and others’ complaints that Google was effectuating spam blogs (splogs) by offering free Blogger blogs hosted on the blogspot domain. Mark wanted Google to deploy an authentication tool for posting to the Blogger blogs so spammers would not be able to write script kicking out millions of spam posts. Well, Google has responded.

If I’m going to criticize for inaction, its only fair to praise for action. Google has taken the very needed step of adding a captcha word verification system to blogspot. I went in today to see if the process of setting up a blog had changed, and it definitely had. Word verification was part of the process.

Then I went to a blog I had set up which didn’t have much of anything in it. I tried to add a post. Same thing. Thank you Google. Are you reading this MSN? Your turn.

Mark is viewed as a bit of an agitator by a lot folks. That’s good. Just like the NBA needed Mark, as a team owner, to tell it like it is, we need an agitator in the business & technology arena. He not only is a backer of Ice Rocket, but I also believe he backed Weblogs Inc, recently sold to AOL for about $40 million.

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