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Blogs as online storefronts

Blogs can be used as online storefronts just like websites, says Dave Taylor, widely recognized as an expert on the use of business blogs. Dave gives a few examples in his post.

To me, this is a logical evolutionary step in blogging. Most companies that have online sites either have catalog based software backends that are highly structured but expensive, or have everything built by hand, making it prohibitively difficult to add new products or services on a daily or weekly basis.

Blogging, of course, solves these sort of content management difficulties by allowing you to focus on the content, on what you want to say (or sell, in this case), rather than worrying about how it’s going to be formatted and displayed.

I totally agree. Blog software is highly flexible, easy to use and inexpensive. No need to have the interface look amateur like most of the blogs we see. Get a professional designer & developer and make the site look like a million bucks. We do it every day at LexBlog. Additional software can be used to plug in the mechanics of an online store.

Professional services people and lawyers often have books they want to profile and sell. LexBlog is talking to a number of authors about ways to feature and sell those books.

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