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Advercasting? Advertising via podcast

October 21, 2005

Steve Rubel says 2006 will be the year of Advercasting. Wikipedia now defines advercasting as an emerging term used by marketers to describe advertising on a podcast or video podcast.

Steve invites us to build out the current Wikipedia definition of ‘advercasting.’ For those unfamiliar with it, Wikipedia is an open content, free encyclopedia that is being written collaboratively by people from all around the world in several languages. It is wide open for you to contribute to.

For lawyers and professional service providers, advercasting has great potential. I’m not talking of amateur audio or video but professionally presented practical information for your audience. Like it or not, we’re a video country. People like to watch video and pay attention to it. Heck, I used to break up trials with video presentations to juries – they liked watching a couple television monitors as a break from boring live testimony.