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Sacramento estate planning lawyer blog success

October 18, 2005

Sacramento estate planning lawyer Clark Allison, a Lexblog client, was asked in an interview over at Weblogs Work if his California Estate and Business Law Blog has helped market his practice.

Yes. It has greatly added to my credibility and bone fides with potential clients, existing clients and referral sources. As an example, several weeks ago an investment advisor who has referred many clients over the years emailed me about a recent court decision that appeared to have a chilling effect on planning strategies he often uses. Instead of calling or emailing him, I blogged on the issue and then sent him and other financial advisors I know a link to my post. The effect was great: I was able to answer my referral sources concern directly, leverage my research time to educate many and enhance my stature as an expert on the topic.

Clark’s a great guy and is full of goof ideas on how to use his blog for marketing. On he shared with me was to alert existing clients of new legislation and the manner it would impact them. After getting the question from one client, Clark blogged the answer to share his insight with all of his clients. He dropped them an email to let them know the information was posted to his blog. Good way to get clients subscribed to your blog too.

A number of other lawyers interviewed about their successes in the same series. I’ll try to catch you up on those – especially the ones who are LexBlog clients. ;)