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90% of marketing & communications professionals plan to use blogs

Hearing what Chris Shipley had to say in his BlogOn 2005 opening remarks really shows how far the blog has come as a marketing and communication tool.

The goods:

  • Blogs are coming on line at a rate that exceeds the adoption of any other media in history.
  • The drivers of that adoption aren’t twenty-somethings chronicling their daily lives or individuals giving voice to their political concerns.
  • The drivers of social media adoption are businesses who are increasingly incorporating blogs into their communications and marketing strategies.
  • Businesses of all sizes across, and in a wide range of industries a wide array of industries are adopting blogging technologies and practices.
  • Almost 90% of those surveyed said they are or plan to use blogging in their communications efforts.
  • The adoption of business blogging has – in the last 3 months – taken a major uptick.

As BusinessWeek said earlier this week, blogs for marketing your business will not be option but a necessity. Law firms and professional services businesses who don’t take an hour (I do a free educational WebEx for anyone that takes about 45 minutes) to learn about blogs and how they are being used by their competitors are really sticking their heads in the sand.