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Seven megatrends of professional services : Blogs play a role

Legal marketing expert and publisher of the Professional Marketing Blog, Larry Bodine, writes about the Seven Megatrends of Professional Services, which according to Ross Dawson, CEO of Advanced Human Technologies in San Francisco, are transforming professional services firms.

Three of the seven caught my attention:

  • Connectivity. Thanks to Blackberrys, mobile phones and instant messaging, clients expect faster responses and more informal interactive communication.
  • Transparency.  Clients want to see what is happening while their professionals are at work and how they are doing it.
  • Swift advance of technology, which Dawson is the most significant.  The challenge for professional firms today is both to implement technologies that give them great flexibility in their business operations, and to … create extraordinary business success.

There may better ways to communicate quickly with a large number of clients, let clients know what you are doing and use technology for a competitive edge than through the use of a professional marketing blog. I just haven’t seen it.

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