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Indirect value of blogs greater than any ad revenue : wake up lawyers & professionals

Wayne Hurlbert, an authority on search engine optimization and public relations for websites and business blogs, writing on the ability for some high traffic blogs to derive ad income says the greatest value for business blogs is in establishing yourself as an expert.

This indirect revenue is one of the most powerful uses of a business blog, and doesn’t even require high traffic numbers. Creating a positive and interactive relationship with readers is a key strength of blogging. Discussing topics of interest to your readership, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field, can turn a blog into a powerful buzz marketing builder.

Lawyers and other business professionals wake up. Get those ads off your blogs. Get a nice looking blog, share valuable information with your target audience and start carrying yourself like the professional you are. You can help improve the image of your profession.

But if you’re a lawyer or other professional and want to wear patches for Toyota and Nike on your suit sleeves or briefcase go ahead. See what what you can get paid from the advertisers.

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