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FeedDemon upgrade

Neville Hobson, one of the leading European early adopters and influencers in new-media communication for business, reports that an updated version of the FeedDemom aggregator has been released and is available for testing. FeedDemon, now owned by NewsGator, has been the leading the desktop, as opposed to web based such as bloglines, aggregator for PC’s.

LexBlog has clients who have used FeedDemon with mixed results. Perhaps with these latest changes it’s worthwhile taking another look. Neville’s a believer.

Talking with our IT manager at LexBlog last week, we agreed that unless you’re on a Mac and using Netnewswire, there are not any great desk top aggregators. The reason being that Microsoft will likely dominate the PC space with aggregator tools in its new operating system, Vista.

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