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RSS : Newest tool in viral marketing

Cory Threlfall’s article at PromotionWorld is a little disjointed but includes a few gems on why RSS – real simple syndication – is the newest tool for viral marketing.

Here’s the key points.

  • RSS by definition — RSS stands for ‘Real Simple syndication or Rich Site Summary’ and is used to syndicate news or information and is usually associated with Blogs because blogs use an RSS feed to distribute their content.
  • VIRAL Marketing by definition — is any form of advertising and/or marketing techniques that ‘spread’ like a virus without you having to do anything.
  • ‘Content’ keeps website visitors/readers coming back day after day.
  • RSS feeds contain content, whether its news related or articles that are updated on a 24/7 basis.
  • Website owners and portal webmasters go to ‘RSS Directories’ where you’ve submitted your RSS feed(s) to find these much needed RSS feeds.
  • ‘RSS Directories’ are all categorized making it easy for whomever is looking.
  • If your RSS feed catches an Internet user’s eye, they’ll add your feed to there website where you’ll gain all that free exposure at their expense.
  • If 100 or 1000 website owners picked up your RSS feed, your traffic to your website would start to Explode effortlessly without you lifting a finger.
  • You only had to set it up once.

Cory also mentions a resource I use, the Top RSS Directories. Check it out and start submitting your RSS feeds to the top directories and blog search engines each time you post an entry to your blog.

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