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Google’s Blogger Blogs causing big spam problems

October 16, 2005

Mark Cuban posts Google Get Your Blogspot Shit Together. Chris Pirillo says Kill Blogspot Already!!! What’s going on?

Google gives away free Blogger blogs hosted at the blogspot domain. Because they are free, the spammers have written programs to kick out posts on free blogs on the blogspot domain that are nothing more than junk filled with links to other sites. We’re talking of thousands of blogs kicking out millions of posts. This creates huge problems for blog search engines/aggregators. Plus when people monitor keywords and key phrases that are included in these junk sites often referred to as splogs (spam blogs) any post including such keywords or key phrases will be sent to those user’s aggregators – you can see the problem.

Pirillo, a pretty level headed expert on blogs and RSS went so far as this:

Blogspot has become nothing but a crapfarm, and your brand is going to go down with it. If your motto truly is to do no evil, then you need to start putting some resources behind an effort to curb this train wreck.

What’s the answer?

  • Cuban’s IceRocket is going to shut out new blogspot posts to the IceRocket index until they “clean all the bullshit Google dumped on their indexes.”
  • Cuban and Pirillo suggest a system where each blog post is authenticated whether via a login, an email confirmation or entering a presented word in a text box.
  • The last straw would be for the blog search engines & aggregators such as IceRocket, Technorati, and PubSub to simply block blogpsot posts from their indexes.

Want another good reason to stop using Blogger for your law firm or professional services business? You’ve got one.

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