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Blogs perfect for reaching niche audience : BusinessWeek article

Lawyers and other professional service providers could not have asked for a better marketing medium than blogs to showcase their intellectual capital to their target audience. That’s the same reason BusinessWeek is reporting in its hard copy magazine this week that blogs are an advertiser’s dream.

Blogs are cheap, easily updated, and can focus on a niche market with passionate followers — an advertiser’s dream.

Toronto’s Globe & Mail has dispatched a blogger-reporter to Pittsburgh to cover a single hockey star, 18-year-old rookie sensation Sidney Crosby. ‘You can build a massive Web site and audience around one hockey player,’ says Dave Morgan, CEO of TACODA Systems Inc. an advertising-technology company. What’s more, blogs feed word-of-mouth on the Web. Comments on blogs can provide advertisers with feedback, and they circulate quickly among readers.

It’s time to wake up if you’re a law firm or professional services firm. You can sit back and wait for innovation to mow you over or start using blogs – they’re easy, fun, personally rewarding and the best way to reach your target audience.

If you still don’t know how they work, give me or another expert on marketing with blogs a call.

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