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Google feeds to bring RSS to the masses

RSS – real simple syndication – makes it so easy to follow content and sources you have an interest in that it’s just a matter of time until RSS is used by virtually all Internet users.

InternetNews reports Google, because of its brand and it’s tools we already use, may be the company which brings RSS to the masses.

Google Reader was announced at the Web 2.0 Conference on Friday. The formerly stealth project is available as an early-stage product that can be downloaded from Google Labs.

The browser-based reader lets users search for content in the RSS format and then subscribe with a click; they also can enter the URL of a feed or import subscriptions from other readers.

Google already had delivered a smart RSS reader within its Sidebar application, part of Google Desktop 2. The Seattle Post Intelligencer recently reported in its blog that Google Desktop accounted for 63.4 percent of the 4.26 million times its own RSS feeds were accessed last month.

It doesn’t really matter who wins in bringing RSS to masses. The race between Google, Yahoo and Microsoft/MSN to get the job done is good for all Internet users.

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