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Chasing your dream yet? Start a blog

Publishing a blog is an excellent way for a lawyer to start chasing their dream.

Tom Kane of the Legal Marketing Blog, writes many lawyers do not like the work they do nor the clients they do it for. How to break out of the vicious cycle? Tom cites Doug Sundheim on Fast Company’s blog:

Consider This:

Mediocrity is easy – follow the masses. Excellence, however, is not – that’s a path you’ve got to carve on your own. Your guide is often no more than a faint whisper inside of you. To pursue it takes courage. And to succeed takes imagination and hard work. However, the payoff is big if you stick to it. You will have built something from nothing. And you will have forged your character and legacy in the process.

Try This:

  1. What whisper do you hear?
  2. Put it on paper – I recommend doing this even if you think you know it already – it forces you to articulate it more clearly.
  3. Recognize that this is your sweet spot – the place where you’ll find more creativity and success than anywhere else.
  4. When the time is right, follow it. Slowly at first if you have to.
  5. Revisit this whisper at least once a year as it can change and grow as you begin to listen to it.

Lawyers always have some area of work they like doing. Problem is that they need more of that work. The answer lies in getting better at what it is you like you doing and letting your target audience know you’re pretty good at it. A professional marketing blog where a lawyer can log and easily retrieve relevant information while at the same time enhancing their reputation as a reliable and trusted authority on the topic is an excellent way to get the job done. And blogs get that fire burning.

But as I tell folks, be careful what you wish for. Blogs work.

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