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FindLaw blogs : Lawyer disappointed with poor marketing

October 7, 2005

FindLaw came out with a blog product this summer. Calling it a blog product that will help lawyers market their legal services is a stretch.

Any how, a law firm contacted LexBlog after first calling FindLaw about a blog. The result, an unsolicited blog post from the firm reccommending LexBlog to lawyers.

After a strange round of emails with Findlaw I have to say LexBlog is the only way to go. I contacted local sales agent about Findlaw’s blog product, and I was told they wouldn’t even talk to me unless Findlaw was hosting our firm’s website. Heck of a way to market a product.

Findlaw contacted me after I registered for a Webinar on Findlaw’s blog product.

In July, Findlaw announced they would launch a directory of law-related blogs. I just looked at the Findlaw site and didn’t find a directory. I wonder if they are hidding it behind the cost wall as well.

I got into producing a blog product & service for lawyers because I think blogs are an outstanding way for lawyers to enhance their reputation as a reliable and trusted authority in their niche area of the law. In addition I grew up wanting to be a lawyer. I practiced law for 17 years. Based on the good things I saw lawyers do, I thought our poor reputation was largely undeserved. I saw blogs as a way to improve the image of our profession.

I have placed helping others first throughout my life. We’ll be guided by the same principal at LexBlog. I am confident that gives us a leg up on competition such as FindLaw.

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