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TypePad blogs go down and lose content

Six Apart’s TypePad is a heck of a service. However, because of periodic problems with down time, now losing some content and limitations it has compared to Six Apart’s Moveable Type I would not recommend Web development companies doing work for law firms and other professional service companies to host their customer’s blogs on TypePad.

Steve Rubel reports TypePad bloggers, he and Seth Godin included, suffered some downtime earlier this week when a glitch caused all blogs with a URL beginning with ‘S’ to go offline briefly and unfortunately to lose a handful of the files. Note that Steve, though originally upset, was very impressed by TypePad’s response.

Everyone talks about blogs being easy to set in a few minutes at a low cost on a service like TypePad. Some developers even sell their design services and then install their clients blogs, law firms included, blogs on TypePad so as to save the clients a few bucks. But when the blog goes down who is the developer going to call – TypePad? C’mon. Large law firms are going to expect more. In addition, There are a number of blog enhancements that can not be delivered with TypePad.

So sure TypePad is a great service, but not one to seriously consider for medium and large law firms or other businesses with a professional clientele. Being penny wise can be pound foolish.

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