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Advertising In blogs : Survey findings

Qumana, which produces a free blog publishing application, conducted a survey on advertising in blogs. Though I am not a proponent of ads on professional marketing blogs, here’s the findings.

  • 37% of bloggers had ads on their blogs
  • 22% had ads in their RSS feeds
  • 85 (ish) % of those with Ads use Adsense
  • 34% of bloggers who don’t participate in advertising do intend to sign up for an advertising program of some sort

The vast, vast majority of blogs are not going to make more than a few bucks a month from advertising. Knowing that, why would you want to cheapen the look of your marketing and PR blog with ads? Perhaps its because the majority of blogs look so darn ugly, it doesn’t matter.

You won’t see ads on blogs published by LexBlog customers. The blog sites are some of the best designed on the net and the law firms and other companies publishing the blogs will get a heck of a lot more in new business than a few bucks a month.

Sure, advertising needs to support blogs and RSS. But let blog search engines and aggregators carry the ads. They’ll do it just Google’s search engine does today with sponsored links. That’s why Google launched it’s blog search engines – to sell ads on the search engine site and on the feeds the search engine will deliver.

Source of post: Problogger

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