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RSS could replace email marketing : Marketing experts

Speakers this week at the Online Media, Marketing and Advertising Conference and Expo in New York said marketing via RSS (real simple syndication) could be the next e-mail – targeted, opt-in, and relevant – once distribution ramps up and consumers become more accustomed to the technology.

‘Think about RSS like the new, not-polluted e-mail,’ said panelist Josh Stylman, a managing partner with Reprise Media. Panelist Chris Redlitz, Feedster’s vice president for sales and marketing, agreed. ‘It has a direct connection; it’s 100 percent opt-in; it can’t be spammed; and it’s very contextual. It has some of the promise that e-mail had, but couldn’t deliver.’ Given the potential of RSS to deliver the benefits of e-mail marketing without the specter of spam, Redlitz said that the advertising and publishing community had to be careful not to make RSS ads too invasive or obstructing. ‘We don’t want to make some of the mistakes that have been made in the past,’ he said. ‘It’s really easy to subscribe, but it’s very easy to unsubscribe, too.’

Source of post: Online Media Daily