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RSS equipped sites draw more visits

According to new study from NetRatings, Internet users who use RSS visit three times as many news web sites as non-RSS users even though such users did not even know they were using RSS.

RSS feeds, a web syndication tool, may be contributing to the latest high-tech affliction: addiction to news sites. RSS [Really Simple Syndication] users were found to visit an average of 10.6 different news web sites during the month of August. This was almost three times more than non-RSS users, who were found to average only 3.4 news web sites during the same month, according to NetRatings. In addition, RSS users also visited those news sites more frequently than their non-RSS-using counterparts. Typically, RSS users are notified any time a web site they subscribe to is updated. The same study found RSS users average 32 visits to the top 20 news sites during the month in comparison to non-RSS users, who averaged 11 visits to the top 20 news sites in the month. Interestingly, 83 percent of those who were identified by NetRatings as RSS users were not even aware of the fact that they were using RSS technology.

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