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Blawgs : What are they? How do they work?

Lawyers often refer to legal blogs or blogs published by lawyers as ‘blawgs.’ So blawgs are just blogs. I am not sure why lawyers would want to turn more more common speak into ‘legaleze.’ We’ve already done too darn much of that. Lawyers do a wonderful job of screwing up the image of our legal profession. I guess this is just another example.

But what’s been has been done and I needed to clarify this for you the readers, both lawyers and non-lawyers alike. I’m a lawyer and it took me a while back in 2003 to determine the difference, or lack there of, between blawgs and blogs.

How do blawgs work? Lawyers publish short posts of content focused on a niche area of the law on an easy to use Web publishing tool. The result is that the content is easily found on the search engines when Internet users in the lawyer’s target audience are looking for legal information and/or a lawyer. Better yet, good content on blawgs (I hate that word) is written about on other blogs having the obvious effect of identifying the lawyer as an expert in a particular area of law or in a particular locale.

Blawgs work best when they are done professionally by the lawyer – excellent design – best technology – credible content – effective use of RSS to disseminate and receive content. That’s what attracts lawyers to LexBlog. We empower lawyers and law firms so they do things like the professionals they are. And it’s an honor to do so.

So, we may not call them blawgs, but LexBlog does blawgs for lawyers.

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