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Google’s Blog Search gets mediocre review from BusinessWeek

Google’s Blog Search generated a lot of buzz earlier this week. Much of it from folks who have never heard of blog feed aggregators before. But Google has a brand that kills.

I am not sure that Google’s Blog Search is all that great. BusinessWeek agrees in its Editor’s Review.

The Good Lets users pick between most relevant and most recent blogs. And it’s fast
The Bad Doesn’t provide complete results, and includes too many spam blogs
The Bottom Line The search giant fails to deliver a KO. For now, it’s just another blog search engine

Search the Web, and you plow through a vast digital library. Things don’t change much from one day to the next. But searching the world’s fast-growing universe of blogs is another experience altogether. Blogs show us what people are talking about today. If Web sites show us what the world knows, blogs give us a read of what’s on the world’s mind.

Hard to tell if Google intends to make improvements to this offering anytime soon. Google is an advertising company though and a blog search engine that becomes the ‘gold standard’ just as the Google search engine has could generate a lot of ad revenue, both in sponsored links on the Web pages and on RSS feeds.