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Ogilvy PR recognizes power of blogs

September 14, 2005

Ogilvy PR just announced its expanded ‘360 Degree Digital Influence’ offering. Though you need to wade through the PR speak, one can see blogs and the blogosphere are at the heart of this client offering.

The growth of personal media – blogs, wikis, podcasting – combined with the exploding importance of search have kept us busy throughout the year. We actually see these trends as part of an overall shift in digital influence,’ said John Bell, creative director of Ogilvy PR and originator of 360 Degree Digital Influence. With our new expanded offering we have a more sophisticated approach to help our clients really connect with a whole new breed of influencer.

Influencer is the key word here. The ‘blog contrarians’ don’t understand that a blog is more than a Web site that’s easy to update and which allows comments. To blog means to engage in the Internet conversation with the result being that other people will influence your target audience that you are a reliable and trusted authority in your area of expertise. And experts get work.