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Tips on writing content for your blog

Piaras Kelly PR, an Irish public relations company, posts 12 tips for writing content for your blog. There’s details on each tip on their blog but here’s the 12.

  1. Use catchy titles: Short, catchy, tabloid-style titles grab potential readers attention and will ensure that your posts have a better chance of being read.
  2. Be unique.
  3. Make sure to credit your sources: Don’t plagerise! Never use someone else’s content without crediting them.
  4. Think before you post: Blogging isn’t a race, so take your time.
  5. Stay on topic: Your blog’s content is key. So if your blog is about Soccer, I don’t expect to be reading about Tennis on it often.
  6. Link, it’s polite: If you read something interesting online and tell your readers about it, then post a link to what you’re talking about. It’s annoying to read about something and then have to Google it, instead of simply clicking a link to it.
  7. Be conversational in tone.
  8. Respond to comments.
  9. When to post: The best time to post I find is the morning when people will be going through their subscriptions.
  10. Be controversial: Don’t be a sheep, stand out and voice your own opinion. Who cares if nobody agrees with you? As long as you believe in what you’re saying then don’t be afraid to disagree.
  11. Blogging is not email: A blog might be an online journal, but there’s no need to greet folks or sign off with each post.
  12. Assuming makes an ass out of u and me: Don’t assume readers are familiar with your product/service/pastime.

I’ll agree with most of the above but I say go real slow on the catchy titles. Just because you’re a lawyer with a blog doesn’t mean you’re writing for the New Yorker. Glib titles can turn people off. Most importantly they screw up the content being found when searched for on search engines.

Source for post: Micro Persuasion

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