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Microsoft touts RSS To Vista developers

September 13, 2005

Microsoft presented ‘The Top Ten Ways to Light Up Your Windows Vista Applications‘ at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference suggesting ways developers can best build applications for Windows Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system due out next year.

David Utter at WebProNews reports:

Number 8 on the list says ‘Bring data to the user with RSS.’ In Vista, RSS plays a big role, apparently more than just making RSS feeds easier to find in IE7 or other Microsoft applications:

Use the Windows Vista RSS feed APIs, common feedlist, shared data store, synch and parsing engines, and list extensions to RSS.

Windows Vista includes new RSS platform components that enable your application to easily consume RSS feeds.

RSS is built into blogs. It makes little sense for law firms to go and build elaborate Web publishing tools to get ready for Vista’s coming next year. And for those who don’t think RSS is a big deal, it was Microsoft who said let’s put a computer on every desk top.

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