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Blog comments disclaimer

Business Week reports on the perfect comments’ disclaimer to place above the comments section on your blog. Dave Taylor, via his lawyer arrived at the below.

Because I value your thoughtful opinions, I encourage you to add a comment to this discussion. Don’t be offended if I edit your comments for clarity or to keep out questionable matters, however, and I may even delete off-topic comments.

Without a lawyer Business Week said it would look like this.

Comments are welcome. Please keep it civil. I’ll edit for clarity, and will delete hate, porn and spam.

I kind of like Greg Storey’s at Airbag Industries.

Use your head when responding, don’t be an asshat. Knee jerk comments, crass language, and anonymity will surely get your response deleted and your IP possibly banned. Above all else, be mature.

On a serious note, some of LexBlog’s clients are placing disclaimers above their comments covering issues like conflicts, attorney-client relationship and the like.

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