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Most U.S. firms have no policies on blogs, having positive effect on employer

70 percent of companies had no policy or guidelines governing blogs according to a report this morning from from the public-relations firm Edelman and blog-portal provider Intelliseek.

At the same, the report found outsiders’ opinions about a company are influenced by what employees say about the company and its products and that blogs provide employees with access to a mass audience.

Best of all the report found a large number of blogs and blog postings stick up for companies and individual managers. The result, positive opinion is shaped.

LexBlog works with a lot of law firms. The majority do not have a formal blog policy. However, lawyers are cognizant of what they can say and not say, just as they would be talking to a group at a seminar or talking to a reporter over the phone. Firms are also aware they need to follow state ethics rules governing advertising.

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