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Blogs & listening to Internet discussion important in rehabbing image

Law firms and their clients can learn about rehabbing their image via blogs from a recent article at Knowledge@Wharton, a bi-weekly online resource from the Wharton School of Business that offers the latest business insights, information and research from a variety of sources.

The rise of the Internet poses new problems for post-scandal communications, adds Blythe [Bruce T. Blythe, chief executive of Crisis Management International in Atlanta and author of Blindsided: A Manager’s Guide to Catastrophic Incidents in the Workplace]. ‘Blogging can kill you. Before, when we had a problem, it was addressed in the public media. Now the Internet is many times faster, more unforgiving and out of control.’ Increasingly, Blythe’s firm is helping companies monitor statements about them on the Internet and generate their own blogs.

LexBlog is teaching law firms how to listen to discussion on the net about the firm, its lawyers and their clients. If you’re interested in learning more, jut holler.

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