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Lawyers use click to call

September 7, 2005

The Associate Press reports at least one lawyer has turned to click to call as a means to generate calls from prospective clients.

Personal-injury lawyer Frank Frasier wants the world to know about his business but didn’t think much of the search-based Internet advertising that’s all the rage these days. Potential clients wouldn’t learn much about him through it, he figured, and he really can’t tell if they have a case without speaking with them directly.

But Frasier’s opinion of Internet search advertising changed recently with the recent arrival of pay-per-call. This technique prompts Web surfers looking for lawyers in his hometown of Tulsa, to pick up the phone instead of clicking an ad or sending e-mail.

“We’ve gotten about a dozen calls and half turned into cases,” Frasier said. “I’m a believer. It fits my needs.”

The article explains the difference between sponsored links you see at Google and the other search engines.

In pay-per-call, keywords also are auctioned. But instead of a link to click, the ad directs the user to the telephone. In one version, the user calls a special number that is forwarded to the advertiser’s regular phone. In another, users type in their phone numbers and get a return call from the merchant. Either way, the advertiser is billed for the referral.

This won’t be for large firms and the cost per click is going to be higher than buying sponsored links but it’s something law firms may want to try. Internet marketing techniques such as this are so much less expensive than yellow page advertising and the like and the money spigot can be turned off at anytime.

Source for post: Danny Sullivan’s SearchEngineWatch

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