By Kevin O'Keefe

IceRocket’s Linktracker to count people viewing a blog a post

Webpronews reports Mark Cuban’s Ice Rocket is testing a feature called linktracker that counts the number of people, in real time, who have linked to a particular blog post (assumedly, not the entire blog). An update is in the works that will also enable a running count of how many people have actually viewed that particular blog post.

Cuban sees measuring links to a blog post, now the measure of blog popularity on blog search engines/aggregators, as flawed in that the measure includes links from blogs that no one reads. As Cuban says at BlogMaverick, “[I]f a blog that no one sees links to your blog, does that make your blog more popular? Of course not, it just means that one person (at least we hope its a person and not splog) knows about your blog and has offered a link.”

That’s why Google works. It does not just measure the number of links, Google measures the value of links. Links from more popular sites count more in determining a sites search engine ranking.

Cuban’s IceRocket has been belittled as a small time player as far as blog search engines go. The guy is an innovator and unafraid to take the establishment on. Don’t count IceRocket out.

Kevin O'Keefe
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