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Online newspaper readership increase good for legal blogs

Saw over at beSpacific that according to a new report, online newspaper readership reached a highpoint in May 2005, with almost 44 million unique visits to a range of sites which accounted for about 30% of users online at both home and office.

This bodes well for lawyers using professional marketing blogs to grow their business. First, a lawyer’s blog done right is akin to an educational magazine or news report focusing on a niche topic. This report is further evidence that a growing number of people would just as soon get their news online as offline.

Second, good blog publishers interact with other other blog publishers. The best bloggers to interact with by posting about a post of theirs or by commenting on their blog are blogs with a large audience. An increasing number of newspapers have blogs. I tell LexBlog’s clients all the time to subscribe to all the blogs published by regional or metro newspaper reporters & editors and to start interacting with them. Looks like that interaction is going to get more exposure in the lawyer’s community.

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