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Blawgs, when will they peak?

Jeremy Zawodny’s asking the question ‘when will blogs peak?’ prompted Dave Winer to write that he didn’t think blogging will peak, anymore than the telephone will peak. Winer explained blogging is a fundamental way of communicating, if it goes away it will be replaced by something exactly like it.

I agree. I also liked Winer’s take on the value of a blog (blawg) as an ad to a blog publisher.

The distinction between blog sites that have ads and those that don’t is probably a bigger distinction than between magazines that have ads and blogs that have ads. A blog without ads is itself an ad, interesting to a small number of people. Blogs with ads, like their print counterparts, strive to be as broad as possible, to reach as many people, and in doing so, lose their value as an ad for the author.

Some lawyers and blog contrarians may think guys like Winer and I (not to equate my vision with his) are out on the fringe. The wild thing thing is that so are Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.

Blawgs, as some call blogs in the legal world, are not going to peak. Blawgs in some form are here to stay.

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